• Asset Protection

    Every business, whether a Fortune 500 or a small business, has assets that are important to the continued success of their operation. No one wants the unexpected or even the expected to threaten those assets, but the fact is they need to be protected everyday 24×7, 365 days a year. At DSC we understand the Continue Reading

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  • Risk Transfer

    One of the most effective and cost efficient tools to protect your business from a loss is to transfer that risk to a financial services company (insurance). DSC has an extensive network of underwriters that we work with from domestic companies (admitted and non-admitted) to offshore markets like Lloyds of London and Bermuda. We analyze Continue Reading

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  • Medical Cost Containment

    One of the fastest rising costs that a business faces is the cost of healthcare. At DSC we believe healthcare is like any other business operation, it has to be proactively managed and re-enforced from the top of the organization down. Most companies complain about the cost of healthcare but do little about it other Continue Reading

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  • Risk Management

    The best way to protect your company from a loss is to try to prevent the loss before it happens, and when that’s not possible, to mitigate your damages to minimize its impact on your operation. DSC has experienced loss control and risk management resources to help you accomplish just this. We make these services Continue Reading

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  • Healthcare Assurance

    Benefit programs these days are heavily influenced by Healthcare Benefits. When you hire new employees, especially those with families, they want to know what your major medical program looks like and how much it’s going to cost them; and can they continue to see their current doctor, dentist, etc. PPACA (Obamacare) is neither the doom Continue Reading

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Medicare Advantage &  Medicare Supplemental Insurance

We are AHIP and Plan Sponsor certified to offer Medical Advantage, Prescription Drug and Medicare Supplemental Insurance. Over the next two decades over 10,000 people each day will be transitioning (aging) into Medicare. This means that employers who are concerned about the complete life of their employees and individuals will want to know how their healthcare will be handled. Whether you are turning 65 or currently on Medicare we can help you select the right MA-PD and/or Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan for you.

Some of the services we provide include:

• Aging into Medicare (3 months before or after you turn 65)
• Annual Enrollment Period (Around October 15 – December 7)
• Change in Condition
• Medicare Advantage with and without Prescription Drug Plans
• Stand Alone Prescription Drug Plans
• Medicare Supplements